You can only lose what you cling to.

— Buddha —

Stop clinging to the unnecessary.

I’m sure you’ve seen it. The images of the ever-nearing post-apocalyptic future. Depictions of a human society that is no more. All that remains is a trace of the human race, in the form of building-sized towers of waste. Whats with the garbage?

Unfortunately that is what we have become. We are a “throw-away” society. Everything is instant, and that has turned us into these consuming machines; Devouring content and throwing it to the wayside is our new normal. EVERYTHING is becoming disposable, if not already.

I realized this when I was 14 years old. I finally got the new Roots album, ‘Things Fall Apart’, and the intro ends with the following quote from journalist Harry Allen.

Inevitably, hip-hop records are treated as though they are disposable. They are not maximized as product, not to mention as art.

I knew right then that this known issue was even more wide-spread than I had once thought. Has even our music become disposable? Back then, in 1999, this idea wasn’t that immediately noticeable to me – heck this was before the iPod! – but it definitely got me thinking. Since then I have seen more and more things become throw-away items, and this isnt just about consumerism. There are actually a few angles to this story…

Capitalize on the consuming machines, a.k.a. People.

We already know that people spend a fortune on things they don’t really need. The waste. But people spend just as much time on it as well. I’m talking now about the digital waste. The online news, blogs, YouTube videos, and even your company/personal website! The people are hungry for content and after they take one look they are done. On to the next bite.

In order for your business/brand to stay ahead of this evolving landscape, you must keep moving. If you aren’t yet moving, move now! What are you waiting for?

Once you get the ball rolling the key is to never stop. With contentment comes stagnation. Stagnation means the death of your business or brand.

Don’t let the little things weigh you down.

I can’t stress it enough, don’t waste time on the nonsense. Too many brands fail due to procrastination, perfectionism, or simply over-thinking. Every moment you waste is a missed opportunity.

The moment you move past this motion, you will start to see a change for the better.

Build brand loyalty. The way to do this is to stay current, while staying true to your values. Be You.

Consistency leads to trust, the foundation for success. Consumers only have patience to wait for brands they trust. Look at Tesla.

Authenticity will make you indispensable.

I think its time to break this pattern, and exit this era of disposable everything.

It starts with you. With your business. With your brand.

The steps are simple.

Be You.
Don’t Stop.
Stay authentic. Stick to your core values and keep moving.

As always, if you need help getting started, or keeping your content fresh, be sure to contact us as EMGI Group. We love this stuff.

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