Why TikTok’s Video Editor is Perfect for Instagram Stories

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Everyone’s buzzing about TikTok’s addictive GenZ content — but did you know TikTok’s video editor is perfect for Instagram Stories? 

TikTok is packed with cool video editing features and effects that make it one of the most versatile and easy-to-use editors out there.

With the app’s massive growth, TikTok has perfected the art of short-form video editing — and brands have finally started to take notice! 

In this post, we’ll be walking you through TikTok’s video editor, how you can create your own videos, and why you should be using it for Instagram Stories: 

Why TikTok's Video Editor is Perfect for Instagram Stories

TikTok: “Instagram For the Mobile Video Age”

TechCrunch named TikTok the “Instagram for the mobile video age,” and creators on Instagram are paying attention. 


With more than 500 million active users, TikTok has exploded on the social media scene. In fact, this February, TikTok exceeded a whopping one billion downloads from the App Store and Google Play. 

While the app is a bit of a mystery to most people over the age of 24, a few brands are braving the new territory, including Nike and even the Washington Post

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