Snapchat Brings Bitmojis to Life with New AR Update

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Ever wanted to walk alongside your cartoon-self riding a skateboard? How about watching yourself do yoga or drinking a cup of coffee? Sounds thrilling. 

If you remember, Snapchat acquired Bitmoji for $64M last year. We’ve seen a variety of fun Bitmoji additions to Snapchat such as user profile avatars, personalized stickers, and the recent (and mildly controversial) ‘Snap Map’ where users can see where their friends are at all times. 

Snapchat’s dedicated Bitmoji AR team has now released their latest and greatest creation — animated AR Bitmojis. 

This is the first time we are actually seeing Bitmojis in 3D. 

Once again, Snap Inc. proves to know exactly what their users want. According to Snap Inc., more than a third of their 173M users are actively using AR camera features on Snapchat every day. This update is fun for the daily users and another creative way for brands to show their personality on Snapchat. This feature probably isn’t adding any more value to Snap Inc. from a revenue standpoint, but users are going to love it.

How do you launch your 3D Bitmoji?

First start by updating your Snapchat app. Then open up the app and tap on your rear-facing Snapchat screen and bring up the lenses menu. You’ll see your 3D Bitmoji options pop up on your world lenses. Select one, and place your avatar where you want it. Move to scale by dragging, pinching, and zooming. Try moving around and walking alongside your Bitmoji.

For individuals with large social media followings, whether you’re an influencer or one well-known voice of a larger brand, these cute cartoon versions of yourself may be another fun way for you to engage and captivate your audience. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a 3D cartoon version of DJ Khaled doing yoga?

One of the keys to building a strong personal brand is to be active (posting consistently) and innovative (being the first to try something new). If you’re on the road to building a personal brand on Snapchat, you should definitely play around with this feature. Your audience will love it. 

If you don’t have already have a Bitmoji, I think it’s about time you make your personal avatar.

This post was originally published on Social Media Today

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