LinkedIn Adds More New Profile Features to Help Maximize Utility

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While none of LinkedIn’s latest feature updates is ground-breaking or revolutionary, they have added a heap of functional, smaller updates, which, in combination, actually provide some really useful functionality – which could easily be overlooked.

Just this month, LinkedIn’s added the ability to include pictures in comments and announced some new ‘Profile Views’ data points which are coming, including the keywords people used to find your profile.

LinkedIn Adds More New Profile Features to Help Maximize Utility | Social Media Today

Note: LinkedIn has confirmed this is coming to both free and paying users

Those go along with the addition of a new camera option, with filters to improve your profile photo, an automated summary generation tool, Trending Storylines to deliver sector-specific news updates and improved feed control options.

And now, LinkedIn’s announced another set of new profile features to make it easier to get more use out of the platform.

Here’s what’s been added:

1. Connection History

In order to give you more context for your connections, LinkedIn’s adding a note to profiles on when you first connected.

Simply go to a connection’s profile and click on “Contact and Personal Info” to see when you first connected. This is a great way to add some personal detail when you reach out.”

Like another recent addition, ‘Conversation Starters’, which provides users with relevant prompts to help initiate interactions with other members, the tool is designed to give you another way to connect, another reason to start or help maintain a conversation – but you can also use it merely for context.

2. Updated Profile Customization

LinkedIn’s also making it easier to re-order the ‘Experience’ section of your profile with a new drag and drop option.

LinkedIn Adds More New Profile Features to Help Maximize Utility | Social Media Today

“For those multi-taskers who simultaneously hold multiple positions, you can now reorder the experience section of your LinkedIn profile just the way you want it. If you’re on a board while doing double duty as a full-time web designer, you choose what shows up first. You can also reorder your volunteer and education sections – just hover on the right of the position and drag to up or down.”

You’ve always been able to re-order the sections themselves, but this advanced capacity gives you even more control over how your information is displayed to visitors.

3. Expanded Profiles on Desktop

LinkedIn’s also bringing back expanded profiles on desktop.

We heard you wanted the expanded profiles on desktop back, so we’ve made it easier now to see an expanded view with all of your connection’s details, including information on past and present positions, Groups joined, and recommendations.”

As part of their recent re-design, LinkedIn changed various elements of their profile presentation, and they’ve since added some back (including saved searches) after user response.

4. Quick Replies

And this one’s not new, but worth the reminder in line with these other changes – LinkedIn also recently added quick replies to their messaging to make it easier to respond on the go.

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As noted, none of these updates, within itself, is ground-breaking, but in combination, you can see how they refine and improve the user experience. LinkedIn also notes they have more changes coming – we’ll keep you updated as they come through. 

This post was originally published on Social Media Today

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