Announcing Autopilot’s New Flight School: Customer Journey Training for High Performing Marketers

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Today, we’re announcing Autopilot’s all-new Flight School and Resources Center—and we’re thrilled to invite you in! This month has been an exhilarating one, as we recently raised $12 million in new funding, released Insights – goal tracking for marketers, opened new offices, and surpassed 2,300 customers across 90 countries.

Our mission is to inspire and enable you to become a high-performing customer journey marketer. That’s why we’ve completely revamped the content in Flight School to focus on product best practices and centralized all of our marketing resources in one place.

What is Customer Journey Marketing?

Customer Journey Marketing Framework

Customer Journey Marketing is a framework for acquiring, nurturing, and growing customers automatically. Where Inbound Marketing is about “getting found” reactively using content, Journey Marketing is about proactively driving the customer experience beyond acquisition, and triggering off real-time data to engage personally and contextually. Get found, convert visitors into qualified leads, then into customers, and finally into repeat buyers and referrers.

Every day, we’re blown away by the remarkable customer experiences Autopilot users are creating with automated journeys. And many are sharing tremendous results! Yet we’re consistently asked one question: “What’s the best way to do [X] in Autopilot?” As we continue to grow together, Flight School provides that go-to resource where our customers, partners, and community can quickly and easily source the answers.

What’s new in Flight School?

We launched the first version of Flight School in 2015 to create a home base for learning and sharing the theory, tactics, and techniques that make up remarkable marketing journeys. While the initial feedback was good, many of you were hungry for more product-specific content.

The flexibility of an open canvas is one of our product’s biggest strengths, but its limitless combinations can sometimes be overwhelming. There is often more than one “right way” to build a journey in Autopilot.

In the new Flight School, we distill the knowledge our team has accumulated over the years about how to approach building specific journeys for common use cases like how to start lifecycle lead nurturing or transition from old to new journeys and optimize them for even better results. You’ll learn the exact same playbooks we’ve rigorously tested to acquire, nurture, and grow internally—the same playbooks we’ve recommended to many marketers, some of whom have improved conversion rates by 6x in less than two months.

Old to new Flight School

Expect to see high-res journey templates, step-by-step tutorials, and high-level frameworks as well as tactical wins. Plus, every lesson is peppered with email, marketing messaging, and copy examples.

Whether you’re a new user looking familiarize yourself with Autopilot, or an experienced journey marketer looking to master your craft, there’s something for you to learn. Each lesson is designed to empower you to take action right away.

Here are the Flight School courses you can enroll in today:

Course 1: Why Customer Journey Marketing?

Customer journey marketers drive better acquisition, satisfaction, and retention. Learn the framework for scalable growth.

Course 2: Set the Foundation: Autopilot

Everything you need to know to set up your Autopilot account for maximum ROI, including adding the tracking code, connecting your apps, learning the canvas lingo, setting up your custom email domain, and more.

Course 3: Set the Foundation: Marketing

From developing target personas to getting started with lead nurturing – this the be bedrock for all of your future marketing efforts.

Course 4: Acquire New Leads

Once you’d laid a solid foundation, it’s time to start generating leads. Execute on the lead generation strategies and tactics that are proven to pay off.

Course 5: Nurture Leads

Accelerate the journey from lead to customer. Topics covered include: qualifying and assigning leads to sales, following up with new leads, and establishing a solid lead nurturing journey.

Course 6: Welcome New Customers

Effectively welcome, onboard and activate new customers faster than ever.

Course 7: Grow Customers for Life

Reduce churn and maximize customer retention with strategies to turn 1-time buyer into loyal customers, email newsletters, automated customer reviews, and event follow up journeys.

Course 8: Master Journey Marketing

Sometimes the last 10% is the hardest to pull off. Become a customer journey master by managing daily email frequency, ensuring the right contacts are in the right journey, and learning how to transition from old journeys to new ones.

Flight School can be read start to finish or by jumping to a specific course or lesson based on your current area of focus.

And there is so much more to come!

In fact, we’re looking to you to help shape future Flight School content. For full transparency, we created a Flight School Content Roadmap where you can make suggestions, vote on suggestions from others, and follow along. If you have a moment, we want hear what training and journeys you’d like to see. Vote and suggest here.

Introducing Autopilot Resources

Previously, our resources were buried within Flight School, making them difficult to find. Our new Resources Center centralizes everything you need to be successful with automation and customer journey marketing in one dedicated place.

You can browse or search our library of the latest research, how-to videos, upcoming events, infographics, and recordings from previous workshops, webinars, and interviews.

Autopilot resources portal

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

What’s next?

We are doubling down on our enablement efforts. In the future, expect to see more journey guides, email templates, video tutorials, and kickass marketing ideas to fuel your growth.

Both Flight School and Autopilot Resources are completely free and accessible, not only for our customers but for anyone hungry to learn. You can easily access both Flight School and Resources from the upper navigation on Autopilot’s website under “Learn”:

Flight School navigation

Our team is curious to hear your feedback as we continue to build this community of marketers who believe in creating remarkable customer journeys. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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