Building Your Marketing Dream Team [Infographic]

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How do you build your marketing dream team? With LEGO, of course!

Think about it – Batman had Robin, Buzz Lightyear had Woody and Aladdin was incomplete without Princess Jasmine. The best of teams worked in cohorts and this is the basis for your marketing team. As the saying goes – power in numbers, as long as you pick the right numbers! You didn’t hang out with just anyone in the playground as a kid, be picky and choose your team members carefully.

The social media marketing industry is saturated with countless numbers of marketing companies claiming to offer the best strategies out there. By choosing, fine-tuning and designing the ultimate kick-ass team that is sure to deliver above and beyond when it comes to marketing strategies – you too can sit amongst the best of them and earn your place in the ever evolving industry that is digital marketing.

So how do you do this? Think creatively, think strategically and find a persona to fit each area of expertise in your business.

Here´s an inventive and fun Infographic from the team at The Website Group detailing exactly how to build the ultimate marketing dream team with LEGO.

Building Your Marketing Dream Team [Infographic]

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