Gerd Leufert (1914-1988)

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Gerd Leufert was born in 1914 in the coastal Lithuanian town of Memel. He attended the Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Academy of Fine Arts) in Munich in 1939 where he studied graphic design, and became a member of the Werkbund, an interdisciplinary association founded on the social importance of design and craftsmanship.

Gerd LeufertGerd Leufert, c1960, via

He worked for several German publishing houses, before migrating to Caracas, Venezuela, in 1951, where he helped to establish the foundations for the country’s graphic design profession, and where he made his greatest contribution to visual culture, graphic design, and museology.

Gerd Leufert logosEmblemática de Gerd Leufert, in 2014, via

Gerd worked as a designer, draughtsman, engraver, painter and sculptor, as well as teacher and curator. So this small sample of symbols is just a fraction of what he created.

Gerd Leufert logo
Centro Médico Docente La Trinidad

Gerd Leufert logo
Design exhibition

Gerd Leufert logo
Color, Linea, Luz
Art exhibition

Gerd Leufert logo
Architecture 70
Architectural congress

Gerd Leufert logo
Artificial flowers

Gerd Leufert logo
Instituto de Deseño
Design institute

Gerd Leufert logo
Museo de Arte, Caracas

Gerd Leufert logo
Carlos Celis Arquitectos

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Gerd Leufert biography, on
Life gestures, works on paper, 1960-1995, on

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