Ask SMT: What is your Social Media New Year's Resolution?

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QUESTION: What is your Social Media New Year’s Resolution?

“Back to basics. Focus on quality useful content.

Early programmers and technologists were idealists; they saw the Internet as a potential great equalizer, a tool that would provide everyone with equal access to information and a platform to share ideas. It would foster creativity and connection.

And in some ways, it has succeeded in that vision. When we use social media to share ideas that help other people, when we use it to learn things that expand our own intellectual or ethical horizons, we are going back to that early ideal.

High quality and useful content has always been what people were really looking for. They want to have their questions answered. They want to learn how to do things. A focus on meeting the needs of an audience with great content is the strategy that outlives black-hat SEO or tricks that take advantage of imperfect algorithms. It’s tried and true because it actually serves real people.

– Jeff Rum, Founder + CEO at Ignite Digital Strategy Group Inc.

“Document! People love seeing storytelling and that is exactly what documenting does. Document your everyday lives (the interesting bits) and your loyal customers will 100% be engaged. That’s definitely what I need to do more of.”

– Chris Kyriacou, Managing Director, iSocial UK

“As a CEO and blogger, my resolution for 2017 is to increase the significance of our small business voice to partners, customers, and readers who are interested in small business and entrepreneurship content.

What does that mean exactly? For us, it’s about branching out in new directions while remaining true to the heart of the business. We want to break down topics that our readers have questions about in a manner that is understandable for anyone absorbing the content whether it’s a blog post, newsletter, or tweet. We also want to expand the kinds of mediums and platforms used for content and work alongside our partners to build up more cross-promotional content together.”

– Deborah Sweeney, CEO, MyCorporation

“In 2017 I want to think outside the box when it comes to paid social media and targeting. While I’ve spent a career using paid media aimed at my target demographic, next year I want to use paid social media to target influencers and the media with my content. Larry Kim, founder of WordStream, gave a remarkable presentation this year on how he does just that and demonstrated its effectiveness to earn media. I’ve always said that we create owned media to earn media. Next year I’m going to try and earn media using paid media. Wish me luck!.”

–  Chad Pollitt, VP of Audience, Relevance

“I think this is the same for me every year, and it’s got two parts.

The first is: continue to be engaging. I want to make sure that whether I’m behind a social media handle for a brand client or my own, I’m available and responsive. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a response, right?!

The second part is: don’t chase every new development, simply to be a first adopter. Take time to analyze things as they come out, whether it’s a new app, or a new piece of tech, and don’t just buy into the hype. Always evaluate these new ideas to see what makes the most sense for me, personally, and for my clients. Just because it’s “cool,” doesn’t mean it’s for you.”

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