The Institute of Heraldry, 1969

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“Here, a group of specialists with unique training, skills, and experience will, on request, design and develop a wide variety of heraldic devices for official agencies of the [US] Federal Government. Coats of arms, shoulder sleeve insignias, decorations for bravery, campaign medals, badges for skill and proficiency, and other identifying devices.”

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An interesting short video from 1969 on The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH), based in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, United States.

56th Artillery insignia

56th Artillery insignia

56th Artillery insignia

56th Artillery insignia56th Artillery insignia, 1969.

Shoulder sleeve insignia

“The specifications are extremely precise. In the case of an embroidered shoulder sleeve insignia, the exact stitch count is described.”

Shoulder sleeve insignia

The Institute website has a database of all US Army decorations, medals, and ribbons.

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