LinkedIn Provides Tips on How to Use their New Messaging Functions

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LinkedIn recently announced a new set of features coming soon to their mobile app, including the ability use a new @inbot system to automatically schedule meetings.

LinkedIn Provides Tips on How to Use their New Messaging Functions | Social Media TodayThe @inbot will synch with your Google Calendar and will be accessible within any LinkedIn message thread by typing in @inbot and (as shown in the above image) asking it to find a spot in your schedule.

In addition to @inbot, LinkedIn’s also recently added some new tools and tricks within their messaging experience. For example, you can learn more about a person you’re scheduled to meet – after you’ve synched your calendar, LinkedIn can now send you a notification of the people in your next meeting, regardless of whether you’re connected with them on LinkedIn or not, making it easier to prepare.

But in order to utilize either of these features, you first need to first synch your calendar, which is an option not everyone’s aware of.

To help with this, LinkedIn recently shared two new instructional videos on the LinkedIn blog which outline some of their newer in-app processes.

First, in order to synch your calendar, you click on the ‘Add Connection’ option in the ‘My Network’ tab.

[embedded content]

In addition, LinkedIn have also provided a quick tutorial on how to use group messaging in the app.

[embedded content]

Both of these features are available now, while the @inbot automated scheduling is yet to go live, but is coming soon.

As with all social platforms, LinkedIn has increasingly become ‘mobile-first’. According to their latest data, LinkedIn’s seen a 30% increase in daily active users, and a huge 240% increase in messages sent, since the introduction of their re-vamped mobile app last December. In fact, LinkedIn says that half of their 450 million members now interact with messages on a weekly basis, making it a more attractive option to consider – and with Microsoft now working with LinkedIn to improve their services, you can expect their tools to continue to evolve.

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