5 Simple Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website

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5 Simple Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website | Social Media TodayIn business, nothing happens until there’s sale. With online marketing, nothing happens until you’ve delivered targeted traffic to your site. 

You may be in the “right” niche and have a highly desirable product, but if you’re not driving good, targeted traffic, it’s as though your business doesn’t exist.

Even if you’re only getting 10 visitors to your site per day, you can be successful if they’re ready and willing to buy. This is better than 500 visitors who land on your site and immediately click away because they have no interest in what you’re selling.

Here are some key tops to help drive more targeted traffic to your website.

1. Set numerical marketing goals

To find targeted traffic, the first step is to create a solid plan to drive visitors. You also need to set concrete goals – such as driving 1,000 visitors in 30 days. Once you reach your goals, you’ll gain confidence, and momentum will begin to take over.

The more traffic your site gets, the easier it will be to rank higher in search engines, which will drive even more targeted visitors to your site organically. 

2. Learn about your prospects

To get these targeted visitors, think about who your ideal customer is, and then direct all of your marketing toward finding that customer. Remember, you’re not trying to appeal to everyone, just to those most likely to buy from you.

How much does this person make per year? What are his or her problems and what kind of solutions are you offering? How old is he or she? Will your product appeal to both genders equally? What interests does he or she have?

When you’re able to answer all of these questions, you’ll be working smarter, not harder, because the 1,000 targeted visitors who find you through search won’t be the same as those who just happen to stumble upon your site.

3. A/B Testing

A/B testing

Testing is important, so you should try as many different sources of traffic as possible and keep track of your results. Repeat what’s successful and discard what’s not.

Look to get web traffic from sources that will give you the best return on your investment. Many of the paid traffic methods, including social media, are able to deliver targeted visitors, visitors who are much more likely to become paying customers tan those you might get from other forms of advertising.

Keep in mind that you don’t just want to attract random traffic to your website. You want to bring highly targeted, ready-to-buy customers to your site. When you learn how to do that, you’ll have a successful business. That’s where Facebook comes in.

4. Leverage Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook has the most detailed ad targeted platform – if you can think of a demographic, it probably exists. You hone in on everything from religion, sex, interests, class, and even the websites users have visited.

A little creepy? Maybe. Effective? Definitely. 

Use Google Analytics to find out more about your audience and try to double down on those who seem to be most interested in your products/content.

Don’t forget to A/B test for potential clients who might not be visiting your site. There could be a surprise demographic out there who you just haven’t tried targeting yet.

5. Maintain the relationship

Not everyone’s ready to make a purchase when they visit your site – but that doesn’t mean they won’t do so later. Maybe they just need more time to research or for a paycheck to come through. Whatever the case, it’s worth reminding these targeted visitors about who you are, and why they visited your site in the first place.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads target visitors to your site after they’ve left. Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon and then seen that very product pop up later as your browsing the web? That’s not coincidence, that’s retargeting.

Using tools like AdRoll will help you target the people who have visited your site. Those who’ve visited your site are often easier to convert, as they already know a bit about your product and have shown interest.

Drip Campaigns

Another way you can keep reminding visitors of your value is through drip campaigns. When someone visits your site, you’ll want to offer a value add that entices them to give you their information so you can contact them once again. 

Examples of Value Adds:

  • Get a copy of our E-Book “How to XYZ”
  • Get 20% off your first purchase 
  • Sign up for our monthly digest to stay up to date each month’s best blog posts

Of course, before you offer these things, you need to create a way to capture these targeted traffic leads. One way is by using SumoMe, which is simple and comes with a range of customizable options.

Once you have their email addresses, create an email drip campaign that starts with value driven content, and progressively makes a harder sale. 

For Example:

Email 1: Welcome

Email 2: An Informative Blog Post 

Email 3: A Case Study

Email 4: Buy Now

Email 5: Last Chance, Take 10% off Today

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