5 Ways to be Thankful on Social Media this Thanksgiving

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​With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming, Thanksgiving has taken something of a back seat in the seasonal marketing campaign list. But you shouldn’t overlook it – Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful for your success, and to reach out to others to thank them for being a part of your journey, which can help boost connection with your community.

Here are five ways you to celebrate Thanksgiving on social media

1. Give thanks to your customers

The success of your business depends upon your customers, especially those who’ve been loyal to you throughout. Thanksgiving’s the perfect time to thank them for their custom and reward them with a little something special.

Consider offering an exclusive promotion or complementary content which is usually paid. If you have branded and useful merchandise, why not do a giveaway?

2. Show appreciation to your partners

Partnered with a brand and created a great project together? Maybe you co-hosted a popular event with their help? Or maybe, you simply had a great response on social media thanks to that last photo shoot or blog collaboration.

Either way, this is a great opportunity to recycle your content like a pro and highlight your best partnerships yet. It’s also a good time to strengthen your relationship with suppliers – give them some TLC. And if your partners have a discount you could offer to your customers, everybody can share in the Thanksgiving joy.

3. Reach out to mentors and influencers

Connect with your influencers and mentors on social media to thank them for the advice they’ve provided and the lessons they’ve shared. This is great for doing outreach on your social media accounts – and if you reach out to influencers in a genuine way, they may be more likely to work with you in the future.

Influencer marketing has gained strength over the years and such campaigns can help you leverage the power of social media influencers and their recommendation for your business.  

4. Ask for reviews and referrals

Thanksgiving is not just about you giving thanks, it can also be a time for receiving some. This is why it’s an ideal time to reach out to your satisfied customers to ask for some feedback.

You could ask for an online review, for example, but show your thanks to those you contact by letting them know that their input is appreciated and explaining how you’ll use their advice.

We highlight our partners on our website, collect reviews on G2Crowd and have referrals and affiliates programs.  

5. Support a charitable cause and reward your employees

Another way of saying thanks is to support a cause you or your business believes in. If there’s a way that you can help those in need, make sure to tie it in with your business and vision.

Among many other retailers, Costco respects its employees and their right to take a day off on Thanksgiving – after all, they’re the ones who help in delivering the product and service to customers.

Summing up

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for you to connect (or reconnect) with your customers, partners, mentors, suppliers and of course, your employees. Take advantage of it the opportunity to be thankful this season on social media:

  1. Give thanks to your customers
  2. Show appreciation to your partners
  3. Reach out to influencers and mentors
  4. Ask for reviews and referrals
  5. Support a charitable cause & reward your employees

This post was originally published on Social Media Today

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